The coronavirus outbreak has been especially hard on older adults, so having a plan in place can help you and your family rest easier during an uncertain time. However, most people aren’t covered – 72% of people don’t have a will at all.

If coronavirus has convinced you it’s finally time, think twice about doing your planning online. DIY is for face masks, not wills. Cookie-cutter estate plans are for cookie-cutter lives, and what you don’t know can hurt you. Before you spend your time during stay-at-home orders spinning up a new will via the Internet, read a few of these cautionary tales:

How can you avoid estate planning fails like these? Besides talking to your loved ones about any final wishes you want honored, here’s what should be on your emergency planning checklist.  Generation Law’s attorneys are still working remotely, and Illinois’ new remote witnessing and notary laws mean you can get your planning done from home. Give us a call for contactless, professional planning that won’t lead to big regrets later on.