Your disabled loved ones need protection.

If they can’t sign a power of attorney, the wrong person has power of attorney, or they’re facing financial abuse, it’s time to get the courts involved. In these situations, a guardianship is the best way to protect their well-being and defend their dignity.

Understanding Guardianship

Appointing a guardian can protect your loved one from abuse, neglect or being placed in the hands of a court-appointed stranger to make decisions for them.

Power of attorney issues

If mom or dad doesn’t have a power of attorney when they become unable to care for themselves, or there are issues with the one currently in place, we’ll help you advocate for a court to appoint an appropriate guardian.

Family disagreements

Disagreements between siblings, step-parents and even family friends over a loved one’s care are not uncommon. If you feel your disabled loved one is being taken advantage of by a family member, friend or caregiver, it might be time to petition for a contested guardianship.

Elder abuse

Your disabled loved ones are often more vulnerable to abuse. If someone is stealing their money, changing their estate plan, or neglecting them, you need to act now. The right legal protections can stop the abuse and help you hold the abuser accountable.

Matters of guardianship require navigating a sometimes difficult and confusing court system. The good news is, we’re good at complicated.

Experienced litigators

We’re a rare elder law firm in that we’re also skilled at litigation. We’ll use every legal tool available to achieve an outcome that benefits your loved one and family.


We break down your options and help you understand your choices so you can make the right one for your family.

Personalized service

Guardianship litigation ranks high up there as one the most stressful times in a family’s life. Keeping your unique situation in mind, we’ll be there each step of the way to ensure your loved one is safe and protected.