You’ve always been there for them, no matter how hard it was. But one day, you won’t be. What then?

As your family’s situation changes, your special needs child reaches adulthood or you know for sure they’re not getting better, we’ll help you create a plan to ensure your child or disabled spouse is cared for with their dignity intact.

Understanding Special Needs Planning

The right plan provides the security your disabled loved one will need.

Securing public funds

Are you taking full advantage of the government assistance available for your loved one? We’ll help you understand these benefits, like Medicaid, and make sure your child or spouse is getting as much as they are allowed.

Special needs trusts

Government benefits won’t cover things like certain therapies, a cell phone and travel. A special needs trust helps pay for the things that brighten your loved one’s life, while ensuring they’re still eligible for public funds.

Power of attorney and guardianships

If your child or spouse can’t take care of themselves, someone else needs to. Getting a power of attorney or a guardianship, if they’re not mentally competent enough to sign a power of attorney, allows you to make healthcare and financial decisions in their best interests.

Thinking of your special needs child or disabled spouse going through life without you can be scary. We get it. We’ve helped lots of other families with these same issues, and can help you create a plan that gives you confidence in their well-being when you’re gone.

Money matters

From public assistance to establishing a trust, we have it covered. With more than 20 years of experience, we’ll help you secure public funds available for your loved one, while also preserving your own wealth to enhance their lives.

Let’s get personal

Every family is different, and the needs of a disabled child or spouse are unique to their conditions and the lives you have built with them. We consider all of this as we work with you to put your specific plan and their specific needs in place.