Who gets what can be a complex issue for your family after you die.

Our compassionate approach to managing and distributing your assets helps reduce your family’s stress and avoid legal pitfalls.

Understanding Wills & Trusts

Creating a will and, many times, placing assets into trusts help make sure your estate is divvied up the right way – your way.

Where there’s a Will

A will lets you have your say about who gets your assets, from cars to family heirlooms, and who cares for your minor kids if you’re not here. A will does not let you leave instructions about assets you own in joint tenancy (like your home that you own with your spouse), have a beneficiary (like life insurance) or are held in a trust. We can sort those things out as part of your greater estate plan.

Trust administration

Whether you need a revocable living trust, special needs trust, irrevocable trust, dynasty trust or asset protection trust, we can create them, help you appoint a trustee (a.k.a. someone you trust to follow your wishes and manage your money) and make sure the trustee understands the rules. When the time comes, we’ll help them manage the trust appropriately.

Estate administration

Upon your passing, we’ll help tie up all the loose ends. That includes assisting the executor of your estate to gather your assets, pay your debts, settle disputes, and distribute whatever is left according to your estate planning wishes.

We see your assets not just as property and money earned, but as extensions of you. We’ll help you customize your own will or trust so that you’ll feel confident that the things you can’t take with you are left in good hands.


We break down your options in plain English (or Spanish, if you prefer) and help you understand your choices, so you can make the right one for your family. Whether you need a single consultation or years of support, we’ll provide just the right amount of help.

No homework, guaranteed

Nobody likes filling out a bunch of forms. That’s why we created the no-homework estate plan, getting all the information we need from you in person or over the phone to create a personalized, legally binding plan (complete with your very own estate planning binder).

Experienced litigators

We’re the rare estate planning firm that’s also skilled at litigation. If there’s a disagreement over the terms of a trust or a will, or if the trustee is mishandling things, we’ll be there to step in and defend your wishes.