When an estate or trust is contested, things get complicated. They can become even more so when emotional (or full-on crazy) family members are involved.

We’ll get you through the complex statutes, tax legalities and screaming matches, so you can find the best possible outcome for your family.

Post Death Services

Understanding Contested Estate and Trust Litigation

Things can go sideways fast when a parent dies or becomes unable to make decisions for themselves. When you can’t work it out with your family, we’ll step in to obtain the best resolution in and out of the courtroom.

Handling estates appropriately

Just because someone is the executor of an estate or the trustee of a trust, that doesn’t mean they’re always right. If a deceased loved one’s estate is being mishandled, probate court may be the only way to put a stop to it.

Helping you do the right thing

Probate issues commonly arise during stressful and emotional times. When family members’ feelings are running high, those feelings can turn into accusations. An experienced attorney can help you navigate your responsibilities as an executor or a trustee, and protect you from angry beneficiaries.

Protecting the disabled

It’s easy to manipulate those who are not of sound mind. If mom or dad have been coerced into changing their estate plan while they’re not competent, we’ll work to help you put it right.

You’ll need a seasoned attorney when the accusations fly and family members are being manipulated. We’ve done this work for over 20 years. Bring it on.

Experienced litigators

When it comes to courtroom bouts, we’re seasoned fighters. Our experience litigating probate cases – in and out of court – gives you the best shot at seeing your issues resolved in a way that restores family harmony.


The law can be complicated, but we’ve spent a long time practicing it. We’ll simplify the probate process for you by breaking down your options, helping you understand your choices and alleviating some of your stress.