You’ve spent a lifetime building the life you wanted. At the end of that lifetime, an estate plan can help you preserve that control.

Don’t settle for the DIY, corner-cutting plans you see online – what you don’t know can hurt you. Our knowledgeable attorneys will help you create a customized estate plan that lets you call the shots, even after you’re gone.

Understanding Estate Planning

A properly crafted estate plan helps protect your wishes and distribute your stuff the way you want.

From you to them

Where will your life savings go when you’re not here anymore? Estate planning uses tools like wills and trusts to make sure your assets go to your chosen loved ones and charities, not probate costs or meddling family members.

As you wish

If you become unable to make decisions for yourself because of illness or accident, your estate plan clearly defines the people you’ve chosen to make financial and healthcare decisions for you.

Keeping the courts out

Without an estate plan, your family is at greater risk of facing the “default rules” of probate court, which can cost $10,000 or more in legal fees (not to mention the time and emotional drain as your chosen people fight for what you left them). Having a plan can make probate easier, less costly and may help avoid the probate process altogether.

The only way to build an effective estate plan is with attorneys who listen carefully, respond promptly and understand your wishes. And that’s exactly what we do.

The “no-homework” promise

We’ll never ask you to fill out a bunch of forms ahead of time. Through candid conversations with you, either on the phone or in person, we’ll craft a solid, legally binding plan – and provide you with a super cool binder containing all the documents you need.

Personalized service

Whether it’s an hour-long consultation or many months of ongoing support, we work with you to build a plan tailored to your specific needs and situation. We’re your people for any estate planning or related legal needs that arise – and if we can’t help, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Knowledge is protection

We know the right questions to ask and laws to follow to make sure you and your family maintain control of your estate. That means less worrying about what happens after you’re gone.