What will the rest of your life cost
Planning for retirement can be a lot of fun. These are the Golden Years we’re talking about, where you can finally relax and play – spend that money you worked so hard to earn on enjoyable things. But do your retirement plans leave enough money squirreled away for when the shine on the Golden Years dies down? 

Estate planning is pivotal to enjoying those later years, especially when things take a turn for the worse. And that’s what makes estate planning so difficult. Without soothsayer abilities, there’s just no way to plan perfectly for the future. Will your plans to travel the world be cut short due to illness? Will you hurt yourself while finally taking on the black diamond downhill ski run? You might live a long time, but you’re not invincible.

Because of the uncertainties of illness, injury and other factors, Generation Law works with cost projection experts Lifecare Innovations to develop an analysis of what you or your loved ones will need from now until the end. This analysis allows us to work with you to ensure that all of your resources are in place, should an unwanted surprise derail the fun of retirement.

Knowing how much the rest of your life will cost is only part of planning your Golden Years. You also need to put powers of attorney and strategic directives in place so that all of your planning efforts don’t go out the window when well-intentioned family members have to get involved. It’s our job to see that your desires are met and your wishes are respected, no matter what happens.

Understanding how much money you have and aligning each dollar with all potential contingencies is the closest you’ll get to foreseeing the future. And it’s the best possible way to make sure your Golden Years are the best they can be – no matter what.