Matt Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

At the dawn of the Great Resignation in 2020, Matt left behind the financial services industry to join the Generation Law team.  Matt works with the partners focusing on business transformation and strategic planning to ensure that Generation Law offers a best-in-class client experience aimed at frictionless legal services with a personal connection.

Matt graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts and began his career in operations management at Freedman Anselmo Lindberg LLC.  Eventually taking his talents to the financial services industry, Matt directed servicing design projects and business transformation initiatives.  Fresh out of the corporate gauntlet, Matt brings a unique perspective to Generation Law having experience working in law firms of all sizes in tandem with demonstrated success in modern business management.

After high school, Matt had the ambition to become an attorney, however, he chose the path of least resistance and married an attorney instead.  Four children later, Matt is a busy dad keeping track of hockey, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, baseball, ballet, and whatever the future may bring.  In his free time, Matt enjoys riding his Ural sidecar motorcycle, listening to extreme heavy metal, and drinking lots of black coffee.

Reach out to Matt by calling 630-782-1766 or emailing