Services for Families of Children with Special Needs

What happens when you can no longer advocate for your child

A special needs diagnosis is terrifying for any parent.

Without any preparation at all you've joined the community of caregivers.

But as the initial shock dissipates and you find yourself navigating the complex world of therapies and treatments, your next thought will inevitably be about the future.

Specifically where is your child's place in society and who will advocate for them when you are no longer able.

For many parents this can be even scarier than the diagnosis itself.

We love our children. And to think that one day they may be left to fend for themselves is so crippling, it is sometimes easier to block it from our minds altogether.

At Generation Law, our job is to help you get past the fear and prepare your child to live in a world where you can no longer serve as their advocate.

Thankfully in law we have tools such as guardianships that help to ensure children with special needs have adequate care and protection throughout their lives.