Research shows that dancing can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s

There’s new research out of the UCLA Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh that makes the mystery of Alzheimer’s more fascinating than ever.

It’s all about dancing and how it increases memory and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia by 50 percent. Further, the researchers also said it prevents Parkinson’s disease, obesity, dementia, depression and anxiety,

Specifically, the UC Berkeley research says that Parkinson’s sufferers recover muscle control and balance. It’s also responsible for reducing depression, anxiety and stress.

A similar study from Stanford University reports that dancing increases cognitive acuity  and exercises the neuronal synapses of the brain.

If this seems a lighthearted bit of news, it’s really not. While it’s charming to think about dancing having such dramatic effects, the prospect of a free preventative for this cruel disease is nothing short of amazing.  

With Alzheimer’s slated to claim 14 million more victims in the next 30 years, there are few options to slow its inevitable creep into our lives.

If dancing is the solution, so be it. With research funds still too scarce to effectively tackle the problem, the more accessible a treatment program is, the better.