Reassuring parents of adults with special needs – we can help

Our work with parents planning for long-term care for adult children with autism has revealed a single constant – fear. Specifically a fear of what will happen when they are no longer able to advocate for their kids.

I recently read this blog post by San Francisco Gate columnist Laura Shumaker, herself a parent with an autistic child.

The ‘10 things That Autism Parents Worry About’ post was exactly what I was looking for.

What struck me was that the first item on the list is the one that I hear from almost all of my clients. Specifically, ‘Worrying about the future. What will happen when I’m gone?

Being a dad myself, I know the depth of  love and concern all parents have for their children.

But the parents of children with autism – whatever their age – live in a state of concern many of us move past as our children get older. This concern is often just covering a state of fear that is only revealed when it comes time to take care of their estate planning,

The rest of the list is also fascinating reading (there are links for further information on each of the ten items), but the first item has a heart-tugging urgency that is unmistakable.

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