Caring for aging parents or loved ones requires Medicaid Planning

With baby boomers retiring, eldercare and medicaid planning for older adults with assets is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it’s also become so complex and confusing that many families delay making any decisions until it’s too late.

At Generation Law, we are not only attorneys, we’re also people with families. We understand the complex issues around Medicaid planning and we’re here to help you create a simple plan that works for your unique situation – while preserving your dignity within the process.

Discussing long-term care options is never easy. For every question answered, two new ones seem to arise.

  • “How do I select the best assisted living or nursing facility for my mother?”
  • “How do I find the best long-term care facility for my father?”
  • “How do we pay for it?”
  • “How does Medicaid Planning work to my advantage?”

Without proper medicaid planning, costly custodial care and medical procedures can quickly drain a lifetime’s worth of savings in a very short time. That’s why it’s important to have a legal advocate that can not only help you plan, but one who can ensure you are not overpaying for vital health care services when the time comes.

Special Needs & Long Term Care

Planning for the long-term care of a loved-one with special needs gets increasingly more complicated depending on the disability involved. That’s why your planning must be durable enough to conserve assets for care, but nimble enough to maximize public benefits. We’ll help you construct a well thought-out plan that will provide the resources to support loved ones when you are not around and also ensure family harmony.

We have been helping families in Chicago and across Illinois navigate medicaid and address long term care issues for over 10 years. Find out the key facts of long-term care and then contact us to find out how we can help you and your family find a solution that works for you.

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