Protect the Rights of a Disabled Loved One.

There are many reasons that you may need the courts to help protect the rights of a disabled loved one.

Over the years we have dealt with many of them. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you need a strong legal advocate who understands the needs of your family. You need to talk to us.


For example, you can petition the court to be legally responsible for handling decisions concerning the finances, healthcare, daily living and housing of your mother who has Alzheimer’s. If the court declares her unable to provide these things for herself, you would have the final say in what happens.

Power of Attorney Problems- Here are some common situations:

    • if your loved has become disabled and you need to use an existing Power of Attorney to access accounts or make health care decisions, but banks and healthcare providers are being difficult.
    • if you need to make financial and healthcare decisions for a loved one who has always been disabled and cannot sign a Power of Attorney because they can no longer understand what the document says.
    • if a sibling is taking care of mom or dad and excluding you from decisions or making bad decisions.
    • if your dad’s second wife is taking care of him and excluding you from decisions, or making bad decisions or simply taking money from his estate.
    • if the next door neighbor or a friend is taking advantage of your parents.
    • if you already have Power of Attorney and someone is accusing you in court of having acted inappropriately
    • if it’s important and relevant for someone to be heard and have a voice in the care giving process.

Elder Abuse- When a loved one is disabled, they are much more vulnerable to abuse, which can be physical, emotional or financial neglect. When you suspect someone is taking advantage of your loved one, you need to take quick action. You need a remedy that will not only stop the abuse, but also hold the abuser accountable. We’ll help move fast to put legal protections in place that prevent further physical, emotional or financial abuse of your loved ones.

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