Boomer Law

Exactly what is Boomer Law? 

It’s the legal equivalent of a tight rope act. As most of the 75 million Baby Boomers continue to age they will face legal needs that are diverse and complex.

On the one hand, they are trying to care for their aging parents while supporting their children. And on the other, they are simultaneously planning for their own retirement years. This can bring more than just financial challenges, it can also cause emotional, psychological and family strains that make the situation even more complicated.

When it comes to protecting your family values, we have a unique understanding of how important Boomer Law issues can be. That’s why our mission is to provide you with all the legal experience and expertise you need, as well as the personal sensitivity that helps make difficult challenges easier.

Here Are Just Some Of The Ways We Can Help

Caring for aging parents

  • Protecting and preserving their financial assets from long-term care costs and potential financial abusers.
  • Helping them navigate the treacherous waters of Medicaid laws and long-term care advocacy.
  • Petitioning the courts for guardianship if they are no longer legally competent.

Caring for your family

  • Devising a strategy that helps you meet the very different needs of aging parents, spouse and children.
  • Writing a will or trust to avoid the expenses and hassles of dying intestate.
  • Creating an estate plan that maximizes what you worked so hard to earn so your spouse, children and even grandchildren can use that money for as long as possible in the future.

Caring for yourself

  • Appointing trusted people or companies to conduct your affairs if you’re no longer able.
  • Medicaid planning to ensure cost-efficient eligibility for long-term care.
  • Avoiding the expenses of guardianship whenever possible.
  • Preparing advance directives to ensure that you preserve your dignity and receive the end-of-life care you desire.

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