Alzheimer’s treatment drug in trials has some optimistic

Another promising Alzheimer’s treatment has made it to trials in the U.K. And naturally hopes are high. If the drug succeeds, it would be the first treatment for Alzheimer’s patients in over a decade.

The drug, intepirdine, increases a chemical released in the brain known as a key factor in memory function. What makes the drug developers hopeful of success is the way the drug

works in conjunction with existing medications to extend the amount of time dementia sufferers have.

Lawrence Friedhoff, chief development officer drug developer Axovant says their optimism is due to the trial being based on a study that showed statistically successful benefits.

Approximately 1,150 patients with moderate Alzheimer’s are in the current international trial. If successful, intepirdine will be up for review in the U.S. in about a year.

But Alzheimer’s Research UK, cautioned against too much optimism. David Reynolds, chief scientific officer for the organization noted that the treatment may not work the same for all patients.

“Until we have the data I can’t comment as to whether this is a fantastic new treatment for patients to improve their symptoms, or whether in a few months time it will join the unfortunately long list of compounds that haven’t worked.”

At its best the medication will help to extend the amount of lucid time patients have before they slip into dementia. That may not seem like much but with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis, time with loved ones is invaluable.

Dementia is a terrible affliction that robs people of their dignity long before it takes their lives. So planning for it before it happens is the best way to ensure you or your loved ones are protected as they go through the process.

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