Advances in robotics dovetail with graying boomer population

At the recent CES convention, all the buzz was about a TV as thin as wallpaper.

But the real news for me came from the amazing advancements in robotics. These advances are increasingly focussed on providing assistance in the home Рwhich can have real world applications to my clients.  Many of our clients are very concerned that they will be forced into a retirement facility because they can no longer live independently. Obviously their goal is to remain in their homes as long as possible and these advances go some way to allowing them to do so.

Some of the LG announcements at the CES convention included:

  • A smart speaker to allow users to control internet-connected lights, music and acts also acts as a personal assistant
  • A refrigerator with an Android touchscreen panel
  • A robot lawn mower
  • A robot floor cleaner

The use of technology to help seniors continue to live independently at home is a timely advance that is dovetailing nicely with the increase in our aging boomer population. The crush of people entering the ranks of seniors is going to stress Medicaid and care services in general. The more individuals who can age in place the better it will be for both them and the system.

Advances in robotics will clearly help many more people stay in their homes over the next decade. At Generation Law, we work with our clients to ensure that they can stay as independent as they can for as long as they like.

Robotics advances aside, some of that is just good planning.

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