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Chicago estate planning lawyersWe are Chicago estate planning lawyers with extensive experience navigating the twists and turns of the elder law process. Let our elder law attorneys help your family with:

Promoting dignity as we protect your family’s financial well-being

Families across Chicago, and all over Illinois, are struggling to protect assets and care for aging parents & loved ones. The complexities of current Estate laws do not make it easy for individuals and their families to cover all the bases without assistance.

Assisting disabled spouses, aging parents and grandparents sometimes makes it difficult to find time to address our own situation – even as issues surrounding estate law, elder care, trusts and Medicaid force themselves into our daily conversation.

Whether you want to preserve the dignity of an aging parent or spouse by making plans to insure they don’t outlive their assets, or take care of an existing estate to avoid future unseen liabilities – we can help. Our attorneys concentrate in elder care law and estate planning. We can also work with you to address the special needs of disabled family members or even manage the affairs of those who failed to make proper arrangements.

At Generation Law we are not only attorneys, we’re also people with families. So we understand the stress, hardship and conflicting emotions that come with estate planning and elder law. So, don’t wait until an issue becomes a crisis. Contact us today and let us help you protect your family’s assets and future while preserving the dignity of everyone involved.

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  • The correct Medicare admission status – very important

    Under Medicare, getting admitted to a hospital is a very tricky business.

    There are two ways to be admitted to a hospital and they make all the difference with regards to Medicare coverage.

    If you are admitted to a hospital for care with a doctor’s recommendation, stay three days, and then

  • Estate Plan Procrastination Can Prove Tragic

    We have clients who start the estate planning process but then move very slowly because life gets busy or the care giving needs for a loved one are so all-consuming that estate planning drops down or off their to-do list.

    While short delays in the process are fine, not getting

  • Leaving Something to Someone Who Shouldn’t Get Anything

    Occasionally in families there is a black sheep who has done something terrible to mom and dad or a brother and sister or who has fallen into trouble or has creditor issues.

    These issues must be carefully considered when designing an estate plan to ensure that your client gets their