Unbefriended seniors a growing concern

When we think about the people in our lives, many of us have a clear idea about who will look out for us as we lose the ability to make our own decisions.

I say ‘many’ but not all. There are older adults that the American Geriatric Society (AGS) dubs “unbefriended” without people in their lives to ensure their care is looked after appropriately when they cannot decide for themselves.

The AGS is looking to create national awareness about this issue before the burgeoning senior population sees the issue reach a crisis point.

Ultimately the AGS sees this as an issue about loneliness and isolation. The diversity of life choices and events in the past 50 years is part of the story. Graying boomers, the high divorce rate, fewer marriages, and more childless people combine to create an unfortunate scenario where people can become isolated from a variety of communities.

The AGS suggests connecting those isolated seniors through community involvement and outreach, and this will help some. But it’s clear that more work has to be done to prevent these seniors from disappearing before our eyes.

Bringing more attention to seniors slipping through the cracks in our social sphere is a welcome trend. At Generation Law we see a wide variety of clients and we take their social circumstances into account when preparing their estate plans, powers of attorney and wills.

While having people in your life to ensure your wishes are carried out as per your wishes, having proper legal directives in your file are a must at the very least.

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