What do our clients say?

Ben provided himself as a resource for an educational seminar hosted at my office, and he’s also provided advice and support to my practice. I feel fortunate to know him!

Ben & his team provide amazing suppport for those of us “Boomers” who are part of the sandwich generation. Trying to plan for the needs of a grade school child AND elderly parents requires the empathy & expertise that Generation Law provides head & shoulders above the rest!I recommend them to my clients, my friends and my family on a regular basis. Everyone who contacts Ben has always come back with glowing reports. As they say “We all have to do it – let Generation Law help you thru it!”

Ben has done a great job for us. Its refreshing to find a professional with a personal touch.

As a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, I am very particular about who I refer my clients to for legal advice and direction at a time that is often stressful and contentious for families. Ben Neiburger has always handled my clients with the utmost respect and professionalism, often normalizing tough situations with tact and humor. I have trust and confidence in his expertise and human approach.. He is my top go to guy on elder issues and I am grateful to have him in my network….. Anna Skrzypek, GCM

Ben was an enormous help and comfort in guiding my elderly father and ailing mother through estate planning, creating a living trust, and a host of other issues in which he proved himself not just an exceedingly competent attorney, but a trusted partner in our lives, who we could count on and talk to like a friend.

Ben is sincere and the seniors are his priority. It is my privilege to recommend him.

I highly recommend Ben and his law firm. More then understanding is their kindness to patients and families in time of need. While we all look for answers for ourselves and our loved ones its always good to have a professional on your side to protect your interest and those of your family. I highly recommend him and please reach out to me if you wish to speak directly to me. 708-705-4123

I have known Ben for many years and have truly been impressed with not only his style and approach but his true passion for Elder Law. I have and will continue to recommend Ben to our clients, colleagues and friends.

Ben was able to resolve the issues involved with a complex, interstate Medicaid case I referred to him. My clients raved about his impeccable work, friendly demeanor, and thanked me for the introduction. I will continue to refer to him in the future.

Ben is my go-to person for Medicaid planning issues. I respect his judgment and skills.

Ben is an excellent attorney, has great depth of knowledge and is a good communicator. I highly recommend him.

I worked with Ben several years ago based on a referral I received. I am the power of attorney for my parents and needed some help traversing the medicaid process. Ben was very thorough and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to understand what a persons rights and eligibility are in these cases. He worked seamlessly with my estate lawyer to make sure that everything was in order. It was as painless a process as it could be under the circumstances.

Ben worked with us to plan and execute a financial plan for my parents that helped protect their savings at a time when they needed it most. He explained the issues in a clear manner and provided guidance to us on what steps we needed to take. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in elderly law and protecting your finances.

I went to law school with Ben and have kept in touch with him over the years. He is an excellent Elder Law attorney, which I have recommended and continue to recommend to my clients.

Ben and his team worked with me to help me understand the best way to set up my Mothers estate to limit tax implications to the estate and to the heirs. He was patient and thorough while explaining the various options available and their implications. He is a strong advocate for Elder Rights.

Ben has been kind enough to assist my office several times over the years with a quick answer to an elder law or complex Medicaid issue and I always recommend him to friends looking for elder law or estate planning services.

By the time you need Ben?s services, you are confused by the maze of regulation, often fighting with the differences between your state and the one in which your loved one lives and looking for someone sharp, empathic and able to cut through the mess in an organized and straight-talk way. Lots of people out there claim to be that person. From personal experience, Ben IS!! Credit him with a smooth passage through what could have been a multi-state morass.

Ben is an experienced, thoughtful, knowledgable professional. He has the abiity to teach while at the same time guiding people in the right direction. He cares about his clients.

Ben is the professional I turn to for Medicaid planning issues. He’s knowledgeable, personable, and responsive- a true asset to his clients.

Ben was recommended to me by 4 attorneys after 2 awful experiences with other so-called Elder Care/ Medicaid attorneys. They all stated he was the best and after having him assist me with my family issues, he is the best. I wouldn’t have anyone else handle my affairs. Ben provides you with the information and assistance necessary to make the right decisions. I now have peace of mind.

Ben has an excellent knowledge of elder laws and related issues. He has always been very helpful and available to explain the options and requirements of caring for aging parents.

Ben is a creative, thoughtful, and responsive advocate for his clients. He is the first person I turn to when I have estate planning issues or concerns.

Ben cleaned up issues with my grandfathers trust after another attorney left some gaps in the planning of the trust. Ben is a wonderful resource to be able to call on with any elder care issue. He helped my family in many respects and for that we will always be grateful. Bens sense of humor during trying times, especially regarding end of life, was a huge help for me. His knowledge and ability to provide direct answers for difficult questions was invaluable. I recommend Ben very highly.

Ben is ethical, first and foremost, and prioritizes his clients needs and interests above all else. I know that anyone referred his way is in good, capable hands.
Ben and his staff know elder law and Medicaid law inside and out. They are meticulous and caring professionals. I have referred several clients to the firm.

Ben is a bright, effective and talented estate planning lawyer. You will be well served.

I’ve known Ben for many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and focused on client service. He is on my list of go-to Elder Law attorneys that I recommend to my clients.

I recommend Generation Law (GL) to any one who is uncertain on estate planning. I consulted with them as my grandfathers power of attorney. Our previous firm omitted details in handling my grandfather?s affairs.From the recommendations of Generation Law, I setup and put in place legal processes protecting my grandfathers estate. I learned from B.Neiburger it is never too soon to plan and settle matters for an estate. Something should be in place to eliminate legal situations after the fact.

Generation Law approaches client matters with common sense and compassion. They understand how to navigate the legal system to get families on the right track.

Generation Law, and Ben Neiburger in particular, bring to the practice of law a rare and organic understanding of relationships. This insight makes Ben an ideal resource, no matter the context, when complexities loom and relationships are frayed. He is also one of few attorneys who grasp marketing at an advanced level, and for whom speaking — engagingly — is effortless and natural. We consider Ben a partner in the truest sense and would entrust him with members of our own families.

My trust and will were drawn up by “Generation Law” Ben Neiburger in 2007 and since have sat quietly .protecting my wife and children. Recently I was applying for a new mortgage at a lower rate. The bank almost killed the whole deal because of my trust . I contacted Ben and within days he had satisfied all the banks concerns and I began saving with a much lower % interest.Cost for this service $ 0.. value of having these professionals when you need them….immeasurable. Rich Rosenberg

As a CPA with 30 years experience, I was delighted to work with Ben on a clients estate plan. Some carefully thought out and well documented actions saved the family more than $1 million in estate taxes. While the cash was appreciated, the client was most concerned with the careful transition of control of the family business across three generations. Remember the old saw – the poor plan as far as Saturday night, the rich plan for three generations.

Ben was invaluable in advising me on the nuances of Florida law vs. Illinois. And thats an issue many of us with both clients and/or parents moving to the Sun Belt in retirement. I was lucky enough to get all the documents in place BEFORE getting the letter from the doctor that my mother had Alzheimers, which illustrates the need to get your family’s estate planning documents executed while they are still mentally (and legally) competent to execute them. Otherwise, you may be too late.

Ben Neiburger and his team at Generation Law did a great job preparing our family for the kinds of eventualities that we all must some day face. Execution of documents, follow ups and regular check-ins to make sure our circumstances haven’t changed were/have all been handled professionally. And it was all more affordable than you’d think. Do your family a favor and get your estate planning in order.

Ben Neiburger is a man of great competence and character. He understands that the true value of an estate plan has less to do with protection of fortune, and more with preservation of families. Plan ahead to leave yours with the best legacy possible, not a struggle to figure out your wishes at a time of great grief and trial. GL provides just what you need, quickly, reasonably and with great compassion and experience. And will stand by you and your family.

Ben has helped me with advice and support, and has also reached out and assisted me with educating my clients about elder care and trust issues. He is a genuinely nice person who cares about helping people.

My firm “Greene Financial Services” has had the pleasure of working with Ben many times. He has the ability and experience to solve very complex problems my clients where facing. Time and time again he continues to deliver without failure. When it comes to Estate Planning we feel very fortunate to have such a competent resource just a phone call away.

As a lawyer who represents families in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, I have had the privilege of working with Ben Neiburger on a number of special needs trusts. Ben is an experienced and compassionate advocate who offers stellar guidance to families looking to protect their loved one?s future care and well-being. His unmatched understanding of the complex laws surrounding these matters helps him to deliver excellent results and peace of mind to his clients during very difficult times.

Ben, Amy, Sandra and the others at Generation Law do a great job on this cases. I highly recommend them.

Ben Neiburger and his team assisted, supported, listened, and guided me when I was in a very challenging time of my life. They went over and beyond, and, to this day, they continue to provide support with estate issues although both my parents have now died. They were responsive with my phone calls and emails, “managing” me virtually. I would highly recommend them to others.

Sandra has, without a doubt, led me through a legal maze that was untenable. Her expertise and knowledge is a true lifesaver.