Study: virtual reality reduces incidence of falls among elderly

In yet another example of how gaming entertainment tech developments evolve for other solutions, a recent study showed that non-immersive virtual reality reduced the number of falls for older adults.

Researchers from the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel conducted a trial using adults with a high risk of falls aged 60 to 90.

The researchers found those with virtual reality (VR) support had a significantly lower number of falls on treadmill testing than another test group without the support.

What’s promising about this is that this particular VR technology is so inexpensive to use. The non-immersive virtual reality method can be done on a home PC computer with a doctor’s guidance.

Further, the benefits are considerable. A serious fall takes a person out of their home for hospitalization and also burdens the medical infrastructure for the care provided.

Simply put, the prevention factor is impressive and very achievable.

As my clients move into their senior years and become prone to injuries, these sorts of technology adaptations will ensure that their hospitalizations are few and far between.

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