Rolling back ACA coverage a mistake

Recent news about the retooling or repealing the Affordable Care Act  should be really concerning to anyone trying to plan for short or medium term.

And the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s report on the impact of the proposed revisions to the ACA is a splash of really cold water to the 24 million people who might eventually find themselves without coverage.

This issue has never been about politics for me. I look at all policy in terms of how it impacts my clients at Generation Law.

The CBO says the proposed changes to the ACA would leave about 24 million currently covered by the ACA without insurance over a ten year period, moving the number of uninsured Americans from 10 to 19 percent.

Advocates for the change argue, among other things, that it gives Americans the choice to be covered or not. This is rather regrettable. When the choice for some comes down to paying for insurance or putting food on the table, insurance will always come second.

But it’s even worse.  Years later when they become ill – as most of us will –  these people will either rely heavily on Medicaid or, alternately, walk into a hospital emergency departments and receive treatment, also putting stress on the healthcare system.

My concern as always is for my clients. When working on an estate plan or making a will, we plan based on what we know today and extrapolate reasonable changes in the future. So when faced with dramatic changes it directly affects any number of clients we’ve helped over the last 14 years.

Hopefully when the dust settles we’ll have a better system. But in the meantime, I urge everyone to think about the plans they currently have in place and make an appointment to review them with an attorney.

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