Report: nine ways to reduce Alzheimer’s risk

With no verified treatments for Alzheimer’s on the immediate horizon, recommendations for prevention are generally best guesses based on research done to date.

With that in mind, a recent report in the UK journal Lancet offered a list of nine ways to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. They note quite clearly that they have no verifiable proof as to how effective they are.

But they also suggest that the list contains things seniors can do which aid brain health regardless of any impact on Alzheimer’s onset.

Some of the suggestions aren’t exactly implementable outside of owning a time machine ie.  ensuring a good childhood education. But they may provide guidance for future generations.

The others include:

  • Avoiding high blood pressure
  • Obesity and smoking
  • Managing diabetes if you have it
  • Depression
  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Stay physically active
  • Keep socially engaged in old age

The remarkable thing that connects all of the above factors is that they are also linked to good senior health outcomes in general.

When I talk to my clients, they all express optimism for good health in the twilight years of the life. And while research has yet to show conclusive links to the cause of Alzheimer’s, by heeding the factors noted above, they will be working on sustained good health.