NIA report looks at pros and cons of aging

It’s a funny thing about aging. There is no magic switch where you go from middle-age to senior status. It’s not like you’re sharp and alert one day and then you can’t remember where you placed your keys the next.

That never happens. Absent dementia or Alzheimer’s, aging is a process from youth to old age. A recent article from the National Institutes on Aging, looks at not on the cons of aging, but refreshingly, also the pros of old age.

Here’s a few of the downsides.

  • Increased difficulty finding words and recalling names
  • More problems with multi-tasking
  • Mild decreases in the ability to pay attention

It was the pros that caught my attention however. Simply put, we’re wiser from experience and you have the insights to match.

We may forget  few things but we can…

  • Learn new things
  • Create new memories
  • Improve vocabulary and language skills

While many worry about succumbing to dementia and / or Alzheimer’s in their sunset years, the reality is that aging is all in how you look at it.

I’m looking forward to the day when I’m wise enough to tell everyone else why they’re wrong! And also remember why I probably shouldn’t!