New website helps seniors navigate ‘predictable problems’

A visionary chief of geriatrics from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine has developed a website to help older adults plan for what she calls “predictable problems” in the later stages of life.

Dr. Lee Ann Lindquist’s focuses on life issues for those 75 and older.

After fielding dozens of calls from the loved one’s of her patients Lindquist saw a pattern emerging. She heard about independent seniors having problems from falls to dementia onset and a lack of resources to support those life challenges. The research group she pulled together came up with the website as a way to address such issues.

She made an observation in an article I read that resonated with me a fair bit.

“Many people plan for retirement,” she said. “They complete a will, assign powers of attorney, pick out a funeral home, and they think they’re done.”

I understand this issue clearly. Support to help seniors age-in-place is growing but there are still areas for more work. Dr. Lindquist’s website will be a valuable tool for my clients as well as all Americans.

When we do planning with our clients, we look at all life possibilities and help them plan for those scenarios. Of course, we can’t plan for every real-life event that might happen after those plans have been acted on – but we cover a lot of them. It’s encouraging to see that the issue is being discussed and acted on by way of more support methods, networks and tools like the website Dr. Lindquist put in place.

If you’re looking to prepare for the later stages of your life, please get in touch for a consultation.