Maryland creating law to prevent nursing home evictions without cause

Given the important role nursing homes play in caring for our loved ones, it’s easy to overlook the underlying reality that they are businesses.

Although most of them are well-run and responsible to their clients, there are occasionally others that fail to appreciate the special trust loved ones place in them to care for the vulnerable people in their lives.

That appears to be the situation behind the creation of a Maryland law that would hold nursing homes responsible for evicting tenants without cause.

What caught the attention of that state’s attorney general was that half of the involuntary discharges in Maryland were from nursing homes managed by Neiswanger Management Services, or NMS Healthcare.

The state filed a suit against NMS for Medicaid fraud, specifically for not providing discharge counselling for their patients. The reality is far worse than than those words might seem.

Essentially they were dumping patients with complex medical requirements off at homeless shelters or unlicensed board-and-care residences – essentially rooming houses.

Its simply offensive. Our senior citizens are the most vulnerable of all of our citizens and as such any exploitation of that vulnerability should be met with strong and swift action.

Money will always be a factor in the retirement home industry and care facilities. I know of many properties and care chains who find the right balance between quality care and profitability.