Film director looks to change image of special needs people

Given that some of my clients have children or close family members with special needs, it’s always refreshing to read about attempts to normalize the lives of the differently abled.

Consider the story I read about screenwriter Colin Goldman who has taken steps to change the way autistic characters are portrayed in cinema.

In the article he observes that autistic children are typically portrayed as the  “quirky kid who, you know, was a secret rocket scientist or solving codes for the CIA or something like that.” Goldman wants to show that there’s better ways to portray those with Autism other than simply possessing  plot saving secret super powers.

As a father of a child on the autism spectrum, Goldman knows the subject close up. He wants to portray children like his son, everyday people with everyday lives, not the new stereotype of the “quiet savant”.

Despite his real life hands-on experience with his son, it took his friendship with a single dad with an autistic son to inspire him to write and direct the feature film ‘Po’.

Goldman hopes Po does more than just portray autistic people in a different light. He also sees the film as having something to say about parenting special needs children.

The more that can be done to teach society about the realities of the life of special needs individuals, the better. Part of what causes issues for them is the lack of understanding about their abilities and  lives.

The work of Goldman and the arrival of Po on screen is a start that’s both good for the loved ones of my clients and all of America for that matter.

You can read more about Po here.

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