Expensive dementia-related hospital stays can be avoided

I was fascinated to read recently that one in seven hospitalizations due to Alzheimer’s can actually be avoided.

Apparently new research shows that proactive care around the issue of mobility could head off the kind of hospital visits common to those with dementia. Estimates put the cost-savings at more than $2.5 billion annually.

The study by Tufts Medical Center researchers surveyed data from 2.8 million Medicare beneficiaries with Alzheimer’s and / or dementia and discovered that 10% of patients had at least one potentially avoidable hospitalization, while 14% of all hospitalizations may have been preventable.

In the article, Robert Egge, of the Alzheimer’s Association called dementia the most expensive condition in the U.S. He sees improved care management and coordination for Alzheimer’s patients as key to both cutting down on costs and reducing mortality rates.

The takeaway for me and my clients is how incredibly expensive the cost of care is currently and will be in the future.

I ensure that my clients have their estates in order to take maximum advantage of their resources in terms of Medicaid funding.

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