You Need a Plan

You need a plan

If you or your loved ones have even a small amount of assets… you need an estate plan

Providing for the ones you love is important. But if you fail to plan properly, your estate will be at the mercy of the law and the courts.

When emotions are high and people are mourning your loss, don’t compound the grief with a poorly planned exit.

Our approach to Estate Planning is the simple way for you to insure the needs of your loved are met even after you’re gone. And since we never offer cookie-cutter solutions, you can count on us to use our experience and expertise to create an estate plan that’s as unique as your family.

Here are a few questions to get your started.

  • How do I insure the financial security of my spouse and children?
  • How do I avoid family conflicts and ensure equitable treatment of my children?
  • How do I minimize the headaches of probate?
  • How do I insure my loved ones can legally make decisions for me if I become disabled?
  • How do I provide for minor children if I die?
  • How do I ensure my assets are arranged so they easily transfer to my loved ones at the time of my death?
  • How do I minimize estate taxes at the time of my death?

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Special Needs Planning

Complex questions call for carefully considered answers.

Planning for the long-term financial security and medical demands of a loved-one with special needs is complicated, frustrating and uncertain. It’s also extremely important because it plays a crucial role in the quality of that person’s everyday life.

Our estate attorneys concentrate in creating practical solutions that will be implemented as part of your overall Estate Plan and maximize both public benefits(such as social security & medicaid) and the monies you leave to you loved ones, so they can maintain the highest possible quality of life once you are gone.

If you have special needs dependents or loved ones with disabilities, take care of them today. Contact us to give yourself peace of mind today and alleviate the stress that will inevitably follow your passing.